faithe vs fear

Resolutions aside, what will you “faithe” in 2012?  This old English verb has been reduced to the Americanized noun “faith.”  What once had tangible actions associated with it, now is primarily an intangible force, elusive to all but the over achievers.

Conversely, what will you fear in 2012?  While fear can either be a noun or a verb, it most certainly has an active life in many people.  And you will either be motivated by fear or faithe.

Depending on your chosen source of news and economic projections you have an idea of what to expect in 2012.  Do you fear the unknown or are you choosing to faithe it?

The Hebrew proverbs reads, “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.”  What you allow your mind to dwell upon becomes your reality.  Certainly, there are things beyond your control.  As you consider your level of influence and leadership, activate faithe.

Jesus was confronted by two blind men wanting to see.  Jesus‘ answer to them remains a challenge to us all.  “Do you faithe that I can can make you see?”  Their response revealed what they were thinking within themselves.  They replied in unison, “yes!”  Faithe was activated.  And Jesus responded, “It shall be done to you according to your faithe”.

What is your current reality for 2012?  Dwelling on fear may lead you to failure.  Dwelling on faithe will lead you to a future with hope.  Think faithe.  Have a year where faithe reveals reality.

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