The Overlap of Work Life and Personal Life | Matthew Green

“Separate your personal life from your work life” or “ Leave everything at the door when you come to work”; phrases often used in the business world.  It may sound good to compartmentalize, but a dangerous practice even when possible to implement. Working with people there will always be an overlap between personal and professional life. Continue reading

The Critic Within – Guest Contributor, Dr. Gary Schwantz

This article is from Dr. Gary Schwantz‘s eCouragement email series, and is used by permission.

This weekend I read a book by a woman who wrote about the challenge of losing her job as an editor in the economic downturn, now about 3 years ago.  A lot of her feelings you would understand (and predict).  Grief and depression, eventually getting her feet under her, finding a slower life that she wishes she had known before.  Somewhere in there she used the term “the critic within” – describing her challenge of being her own worst critic often through that time.

You know that I tend to be pretty transparent in these writings.  When things are good, I share them.  When I feel challenged, I share that.  So, can I share my biggest challenge?  For me it is the Critic Within.  You can’t know, you don’t know, how I struggle with self-confidence. Continue reading

Turning Mistakes into Productivity – Matthew Green

This contribution to Leadership4:TheFuture is from Matthew Green.

The word mistake often evokes negative thoughts and feelings. People tend to think that to make a mistake is to have failed.  The failing occurs once this thought has taken root in our minds. Instead of viewing mistakes as something negative or as some form of failure it is important to view mistakes for what they really are, a learning moment. Continue reading

Just Strong Enough – Guest Contributor, Dr. Gary Schwantz

This article is from Dr. Gary Schwantz‘s eCouragement email series, and is used by permission.

In visiting with a friend this past week at a party, there was a quick comment, then the group went on to other discussions. The comment was this: she was kind enough to say she liked my eCouragements, but (I’ve never been a big fan of “buts”), but she wondered what they would look like if I lived her life for awhile.

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Enjoying the Season : Guest Contributor, Dr. Gary Schwantz

This article is from Dr. Gary Schwantz‘s eCouragement email series, and is used by permission.

Here are some ideas for relaxing and enjoying this wonderful season of Christmas, know I am mainly preaching to myself. The master of ADD:

Make the circle of people you are trying to keep happy smaller – the reality is, some of your family are only happy when they are miserable and they see their mission in life to share that misery. You may have to be around them (really, do you?) but you don’t have to build your life around them. Make a smaller circle happy – starting with you.

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