Seeing The Next Leaders: They Are Right in Your Midst

There is a story in the Bible about the choosing of David to be the second king over Israel.  In the story, the prophet Samuel visits David’s father, and essentially begins a “training academy” from among David’s brothers.  Only one of the sons was missing, and that was David.  He was young; he was not old enough, not strong enough, not equipped.  At least that was the human perspective.  But in the economy of God, David was the one rightly equipped (or perhaps at that point being equipped) to become the king.

Sometimes the next set of leaders needed by your company or your non-profit or your school is right in the middle of your existing group of employees/volunteers.

But are you seeing them?  Are you even looking?

Assessed to Death vs Assessed to Life

In coaching organizations towards the realization of their goals the most common question I am asked is, “Are you going going to give us another assessment?”  Some say, “We have been assessed to death!”  Digging to find the aversion I have discovered organizations use assessment tools as silver bullets. It is a leadership flaw to believe if we better assess personnel will achieve more.  As a leader consider coaching your team based upon the assessment(s) you have already employed.

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Develop and Delegate

Investing my life in leadership development, I see leaders increasingly feeling little margin for error.

Some want to blame current administration, bad economy, lack of sufficient resources, and on and on.

The primary reason is that they are neglecting the obvious. Having utilized a leadership development matrix with over 1000 leaders, the reoccurring theme is leaders ignore the development process. Most don’t even know they are doing it.

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